Wednesday, June 20

Y2B4 Tables

Assalamualaikum wbt,

I was given only a few tables to share this block. Still, I hope we can benefit for them =)

Clinical Pharmacology for Anti-psychotics
Organ System Effects of Morphine
Clinical Pharmacology of Eicosanoids, etc

Credit goes to whoever made them.

All the best for the exam.

Sunday, April 29

Dr. Saad's notes: Neck Triangles

Did you know? This is our last lecture with Dr. Saad FOREVER.

Download here

Again, you may always correct me if I made a mistake anywhere. That is all. Thank you

Wednesday, April 25

Lecture List Y2B4

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Below is the link to download the Lecture List Y2B4. May it be of good use to you =)

All the best.

p/s: Please inform me if the link doesn't work.

Monday, April 9

In the museum

Ruptured uterus

Ovary with uterus: Granulosa tumor

Torsion of testes

Uterus: Leiomyoma

Adenocarcinoma of endometrium

Carcinoma of breast

Marginal testicular tumor

Adenocarcinoma Endometrium

Uterine fibroid

Tuesday, April 3

Notes to Share Y2B3

Assalamulaikum wbt.

Here are more notes made by those kind souls who want to share them with all of us. Feel free to use them in your revision. Credit goes to whoever made them.

The usual disclaimer applies: These notes do not replace lecture notes and books. They are merely to facilitate revising and memorizing.




Edit: Fixed the links. XD;; I so fail at life.

As always, if you have notes or info you would like to share, you are more than welcomes to.

All the best in your revision, Zenithians. May Allah help us all.

Tuesday, March 27

mucinous cyst adenoma

leiomyoma of uterus

mucinous cyst adenoma

squamous cell carcinoma

histo n patho

Prostate gland

Thyroid gland

Pituitary gland

Ovary:Atretic follicle?

fallopian tube?



Renal cortex and medulla

Seminal vesicle

Carcinoma of breast


Fibroadenoma: intracanalicular

Suprarenal gland

Zona glomerulosa to zona fasiculata

Zona reticularis

Lactating mammary gland